I Am Healthy

What does an affirmation look like to you?  They can be slightly clichéd and there are a plethora of them to pick and choose from. Depending on where you are in your journey. I had read many years ago, that affirmations or positive words of reinforcement said over and over to yourself, seed into your subconscious and our cells can begin to believe what they are told. Hence healing and a positive mind set.  I practice this also with my children as well as prayer, especially for my younger one as he is more like his mum and is a curious thinker.   For me there is one affirmation that has remained a go to and I AM itching to share it with you.

In my early twenties (20 years ago, just so I'm being honest here) I entered the world of traditional Chinese medicine at lighting speed.  I Made a full lifestyle change and a fantastic recovery from a stomach ulcer. We now know that a stomach ulcer can be caused by the bacteria "helicobacter pylori". Thanks to Barry Marshall in the mid 1990's.

During this time I was tossed two and fro around the medical system to no avail.  Enough was enough! I took the lead from my beloved cousin and headed to downtown Cronulla Mall.  Enter my experience at "Rising Dragon".

Some punishing brews of traditional Chinese herbs for 6 months (old school boiled in the traditional pot) vegetarian eating and a big break from alcohol. My life was transformed from this point, I was reborn as a clean living, mindfulness junkie & healthy food advocate. My experience with Chinese medicine later shaped the way I worked as a massage therapist, incorporating acupressure and cupping into my treatments.

I Truly believe one of the key points to my healing is this affirmation. I picked it up on one of my many visits to Collin, a beautiful elderly Chinese herbalist. I have been reciting it to myself for twenty or so years during reflective walks or moments of stillness.  I hope it inspires you and ads to your journey in healing or self discovery. ENJOY my lovelies....

I Am Healthy

Today I affirm that I am happy, healthy and successful.
My body moves in perfect harmony,
I am more relaxed then ever before.
I choose peaceful loving thoughts,
and release all fear worry and anxiety.
Tension is gone, I am creating
an atmosphere of ease
and calm, cool confidence.
My mind is uncluttered,
I have clear directions
and planned goals,
for accomplishment and success.
Nature repairs and revitalise me,
with the food I eat, the air I breathe,
the water I drink
and my rest and peace.
Radiant energy flows through me.
I Am Healthy.



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  • Great read Liss….thanks for sharing xx

    Lauren Smith

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