I Am Lavender - 15ml Roller Blend

I Am Aromatics

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A floral and natural perfume to soothe and nourish.  Ideal for calming the nervous system, aches & pains, headaches, sleeping, minor bites, stings & cuts. Safe for all the family xx

Ingredients: Lavender Essential Oil, Coconut Oil (FCT), Vitamin E & Vegetable Glycerin.

Caution: Avoid if allergic to Lavender. Patch test first.

Usage: Use as alternative to perfume. Apply to wrists, behind ears, neck or arms. For therapeutic use apply also to shoulders, temples, throat, stomach, soles of feet (wear socks) or where required.

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Are you interested in aromatherapy for your massage, yoga or spa business? This along with blending for personal use is a service I can offer.   100% blends for vaporisers, therapeutic body oils, therapeutic roller bottle blends or bath salts. Sensitive skin face serums or creams. Creams or lotions for eczema. Feel free to contact me via email for a consult in person or via correspondence.

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